The Napa Valley Wine Library Association (NVWLA) was founded in 1963 to collect, care for and share resources on viticulture, enology and wine lore, particularly in Napa Valley.

Winegrowers, winery owners, writers, historians, college professors, and the UC Davis library donated books and materials and the core of the Napa Valley Wine Library Collection was born.

NVWLA has met its mission over the years with the further development of the Napa Valley Wine Library Collection at St. Helena Public Library, its Annual Tasting, an evolving program of wine education, and its semi-annual NVWLA REPORT.

 Wine Library Collection

NVWLA supports a fine collection of a variety of materials relating to wine. Napa Valley wine is our specialty, but the NVWL Collection encompasses all of California, the United States and the world.

The Collection is particularly strong in:

  • Popular and technical books on all aspects of wine written from the 1950s to the present
  • Basic winemaking manuals for professionals
  • Rare wine books from the 19th and early 20th centuries
  • Transcripts of oral interviews with individuals in our local wine community.

In recent years, the focus of the collection has expanded to include the marketing of wine and retail sales.

Barney’s Backyard

In the year 2000 the Napa Valley Wine Library Association planted a small vineyard (91 vines) on the back corner of the St. Helena Public Library property. The vineyard was named in honor the Association’s first president, Dr. Bernard L. Rhodes.

Barney’s Backyard’s traditional “mixed black” composition (Petite Syrah with a smattering of Carignane and Zinfandel) matches the adjacent heritage vineyard (planted between 1882 and 1945), which belongs to the City of St. Helena and is leased to Turley Wine Cellars. Turley ‘s winemaker Tegan Passalacqua includes our vineyard’s yield in its “Library Vineyard” Petite Syrah.

A share of this outstanding wine is bottled in magnums by Turley and given to NVWLA each year; NVLWA, in turn, gives this wine to fund-raising events which benefit education in Napa Valley.

2016 Board of Directors


  • Carolyn Martini, President
  • Cameron Crebs, Vice President
  • Alex Myers, Secretary
  • Bob Dye, Treasurer


  • Rich Blanton
  • Bret Blyth
  • Jeff Davis
  • Brian DeWitt
  • Julie Dickson
  • Dale Brown (Emeritus)
  • Richards Lyon (Emeritus)

Executive Secretary

  • Jane Skeels


  • Diana H. Stockton

Library Administrator

  • Chris Kreiden

Advisory Board

  • Axel Borg
  • Jim Cross
  • Megan Foley
  • Chris Howell
  • Kaethy Kennedy
  • Chris Kreiden
  • Robert Long
  • Tom May
  • Carole Meredith
  • Angelina Mondavi
  • Jack Oliver
  • Bob Pecota
  • Allen Price
  • Michaela Rodeno
  • Craig Root
  • Brian St.Pierre
  • Kevin Sheedy
  • Bob Thompson
  • John Thoreen
  • John Trinidad
  • Bobbie Vierra
  • Teresa Wall

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