2019 Annual Grand Wine Tasting

Admission includes:

  • A ticket to the Annual Tasting and an annual 2019 Membership in NVWLA, a non-profit 501 ( c ) 3 organization.

  • Support for the Napa Valley Wine Library Collection at the Saint Helena Public Library. Winemakers and winegrowers love it, the wine labels inspire graphic designers, writers revel in its varied resources, and travelers and interns alike come away with all sorts of new ideas. The collection includes popular, technical, rare, and current wine-related materials for everyone to access.

  • A Member’s Price for all other NVWLA events for which there is a charge

  • Receipt of our NVWL REPORT, our members magazine that includes interviews with Napa Valley wine growers and winemakers, summaries of our Annual Wine Seminar and Tasting, and our Books on Wine events.
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2019 Annual Tasting

 Annual Grand Wine Tasting and Membership
Admission for One: $125.00
Admission for Two: $235.00

For Wineries and Related Businesses

Wine Alliance for 2019

Please join us in supporting our wine education and appreciation programs throughout the year and the acquisition and care of materials in the NVWL Collection at the public library. With your help we can continue to provide those engaged in wine-related research, particularly as it pertains to Napa Valley, with matchless resources for vinous practitioners, imbibers and commentators alike.

An annual Wine Alliance Membership includes:

  • Admission for four to the Annual Tasting
    (see below if your winery is planning to pour)
  • Member’s price for staff at all other NVWLA events
  • Our members’ magazine, the NVWLA REPORT

For a Winery pouring at the Annual Tasting:

  • No Table Fee
  • Admission for two table staff and two additional guests
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If you prefer to pay by check, please   download this form and send it with your check enclosed to:
     P.O. Box 328
     St. Helena, CA 94574.

Winery Advocate

Even if you won‘t be joining the Alliance this year, you can still support our endeavors to provide wine appreciation and education resources in and for Napa Valley.

Winery Advocate

Support NVWLA

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P.O. Box 328
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Events Information:
Diana H Stockton
Editor and Events Manager

Membership information:
Rick Brennan
Accounts Manager

The Napa Valley Wine Library Collection
is housed at the St. Helena Public Library.
For information please be in touch with Lynne Albrecht,
Technical Services Supervisor,
Saint Helena Public Library
(707) 963-5244 x 706 or lynne@shpl.org

The purpose of the Napa Valley Wine Library is to preserve and disseminate information regarding viticulture, enology and wine lore, particularly as it pertains to Napa Valley.